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ESSE Program Nurse

Posted: 01/20/2022

ESSE Adult Day Services

Position Description
The employee must have an understanding of the goals, policies and objectives of the ESSE Centers. The employee is expected to be respectful of participants, families and other staff at all times.
The Program Nurse shall be a Registered Nurse (RN) licensed by the State of Illinois; or be a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)  The Program Nurse must be on duty four hours daily  when participants are in attendance, either as staff or on a contractual basis.
Qualifications include:
·       Must exhibit a caring and compassionate attitude while articulating true concern for people.
·       Possess the ability to effectively read, write and communicate in English
·       Good organizational and time management skills
·       Assessment skills that would distinguish a participants ability to participate and choose a different activity
·       Maintains Confidentiality
·       Prompt and responsible in attendance
·       Serves as a positive example for others in behavior and appearance.
Regulatory Compliance:
·       Follow State regulations as it pertains to participant care and services
·       Complete 12 hours of continuing education per year mandated by the State and staff mandated meetings along with mandated CEU’s by the State of Illinois.
·       Maintain current CPR and First Aid Certification
·       Maintains current state license as a Professional Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse
The Program Nurse will be responsible for following the Nursing Process for Development of Nursing Care Plan
·       Assessment of Client
1) During admission process
2) Continuously by supervising /leading/participating in daily activities
·       Select Nursing Diagnosis as appropriate to client’s assessed needs
·       Determine appropriate interventions for care-plans
1) Update information on back of name tag
2) Update plan of care
·       Re assess Care plans
·       Assuring quarterly care-plans reflect the ADL’s established by the CCU of the IDOA.
·       Communicate progress with families regarding quarterly care plans
·       Maintaining Monthly progress notes addressing the participants progress with goals established in the quarterly care-plan.
·       Documenting conversations with case workers and caregivers.
The Program Nurse shall be responsible for the provision of health-related services appropriate to the participants needs as identified in the provider’s assessment and/or physician’s orders.
·       Health monitoring
·       Nursing intervention on a moderate or intermittent basis for medical conditions and functional limitations
·       Medication monitoring, medication administration or supervision of self-administration, aware of side effects of all medications clients are taking
·       Coordination of health programs.
The nurse assists the activity assistants with program implementation that benefits participants abilities.
·       Should be able to bend, squat, kneel, climb and reach.
·       Will support /assist (Maximum lbs) 70lbs. 
·       Should be able to use hands for grasping, pushing, pulling, and fine manipulation.
With written Department on Aging approval, the responsibilities of the ESSE Nurse may be performed by the ESSE Executive Director or ESSE Program Manager.  If the ESSE Director or the Program Manager performs the ESSE Nurse function, that person must be full time and must meet the qualifications of the ESSE Nurse position and fulfill the responsibilities for all assigned positions.
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Revised October 28, 2020

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