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First United Methodist Church



About Us

First United Methodist Church is located in the heart of Glen Ellyn and for over 120 years has been actively committed to serving the community and world.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we believe we are learning to live fully and authentically through compassionate Christian community, spiritual growth and working together to make real differences in real people`s lives.

We know that your journey is as unique as you are. We hope you will join us in the adventure.

Wondering what we are all about?
We`re about energetic, traditional meaningful worship.
We`re about caring for our neighbors, close by and around the globe.
We`re about helping you find your spiritual home and your place to serve. You are invited to discover everything we`re about and how you can be a part.
We look forward to seeing you.

First United Methodist Church of Glen Ellyn welcomes you to the joy of our community.

We believe you will find a friendly congregation where you can worship and serve with meaning.

First United Methodist Church of Glen Ellyn is a part of the 11-million-strong global United Methodist Church.

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